How to Root OnePlus Nord 2 using Magisk [No TWRP Required]

Are you looking for a way to Root your OnePlus Nord 2 without TWRP? Magisk is the best option for rooting your device, and today we’ll show you how.

OnePlus is considered a budget phone company for the most part, but they have some killer phones that are worth checking out. They are also known for having an unlockable bootloader and open-source, which is always great to see on any device.

Rooting OnePlus Nord can be done without TWRP using Magisk, which we will show you how to do below!

The following blog post will go over how you can root your OnePlus 2 with Magisk without needing TWRP installed. This guide will work on any OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone out there. So please read ahead before proceeding!

What is Rooting Android?

Rooting is a process that gives you administrative privileges on your device. It allows you to modify system settings and install third-party apps, which can’t be done with the unrooted Android phone. It also enables you to use certain features and run applications that require root access.

The risks are also higher as malicious apps could easily exploit the vulnerability in your rooted phone if they know about it.

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Advantages of Rooting

Rooting is one of the most important things you can do to your Android phone. It enables you to use apps that require root access, such as Xposed Framework and Titanium Backup.

The process is not too difficult for a beginner, but it does come with risks, so make sure to read some tutorials before proceeding. Here are some advantages of rooting:

  • Flash amazing Magisk Modules.
  • You can change the way certain apps behave in order to maximize their efficiency (e.g., using Greenify)
  • You can remove preinstalled bloatware from your device.
  • Flash new ROMs on your device.

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Disadvantages of Rooting

Users need to examine whether they are willing to accept the disadvantages that come along with rooting the mobile phone.

  • The phone warranty will void the warranty.
  • Your device will no longer be secure.
  • Rooting will erase all your device data.
  • You may face problems while installing Banking apps.


  • The process will wipe all data from the device, so please back up any information you don’t want to be lost before proceeding with this installation.
  • Before moving to the steps, fully charge your OnePlus Nord 2 device to avoid any errors in between the process.
  • You need to download and install ADB drivers on your PC. If you don’t have drivers, your phone will not be recognized by your computer.

Steps to Root OnePlus Nord 2 using Magisk

Installing Magisk on your phone simplifies the process of rooting. There are two steps to installing it, unlocking the bootloader and flashing a modified boot image. Unlocking allows you to flash unofficial images and modify system files.

Step 1: Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus Nord 2

Android phones often include secure locks a locked Bootloader, which prevent users from installing custom operating systems, flashing, rooting their devices.

Unlocking the bootloader on an Android phone allows you to install custom images and root your device, but it’s not easy. For example, unlocking can be difficult with a locked bootloader in a position like OnePlus Nord 2 phone, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how this process works. Fortunately, there are steps available on how to unlock the bootloader on OnePlus Nord 2.

Step 2: Install Magisk App and Patch Boot Image

First, you need to Download the Stock firmware file for OnePlus Nord 2 device. There are various sources from where you can download the OnePlus firmware. Once we got the firmware, we extract it, and we will get the boot image file. We will patch this boot image file with the help of the Magisk application and then flash it on the phone to obtain root access.

  1. After you have downloaded the firmware file, extract it.
  2. Open the extracted folder and copy the boot.img file to your phone.
  3. Download the latest Magisk App and Install it.
  4. Open the Magisk App from the app drawer.
  5. Go to Install > tap on “Select and Patch a File.”
  6. Navigate to the location where you copied boot.img file and select it.
  7. Once you selected the file, tap on “LET’S GO.”
  8. Wait until Magisk patches the boot image file. The patched boot image (magisk_patched.img) file can be found in the “Downloads folder.”
  9. Rename magisk_patched.img to boot.img again.
  10. Copy the boot.img file to your PC/laptop.

Step 3: Flash Magisk patched boot image

Once you have copied the boot image file to PC, now you need to move this file to this location – C:\adb.

  1. Once you are inside the ADB folder. Type “cmd” in the address bar.
  2. Now command prompt window will appear on your screen.
  3. Connect your OnePlus device to your computer.
  4. On the command line window, type the below command and hit Enter.
    fastboot devices
  5. This will show the list of connected devices. Check if your device is showing on the command line windows. If it is showing, that means your phone is successfully connected to your computer.
    adb reboot bootloader
  6. The above command will boot your phone into fastboot mode. Next, type the below command to flash the boot image file and again hit Enter.
    • For A/B partition system:
      fastboot flash boot boot.img
    • For Non-A/B partition system:
      fastboot flash boot_a patched_boot.img
      fastboot flash boot_b patched_boot.img
  7. We have successfully flashed the boot image file. Now Reboot your phone by entering the below command.
    fastboot reboot
  8. That’s it. Your OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone is successfully Rooted using Magisk.

Step 4: Verify Root Access on OnePlus Nord 2

To check if your OnePlus device is rooted successfully or not, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Open Magisk App from the app drawer.
  2. You will see the option to “Uninstall Magisk,” which indicates that your phone is rooted successfully.

If you encounter issues after Rooting and you want to remove Magisk from OnePlus Nord 2 device completely. You follow this article on how to uninstall magisk and remove root access.


If you want to Root your OnePlus Nord 2 without TWRP recovery, try the steps in this article. With this process, your OnePlus Nord 2 device will be rooted in a simple way that is easy for anyone to follow along with.

We hope the steps provided help make rooting easier than ever before. Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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