How to Install Google Pixel 3 Camera on Mi A3 [100% Working]

In this article, I will show you how you can Install Google Pixel 3 Camera on Mi A3. The steps are very straightforward. You have to follow some steps, and you will be able to use google camera on Mi A3. Google Camera is the most popular app, which only comes with Pixel phones. Now due to its fantastic image processing and features, every android lover wants to install it on their phone.

Now, as you know, to install google camera, Camera2 API must be enabled on your phone. But as Xiaomi Mi A3 comes with Camera2 API support out of the box. You do not need to enable it manually. Google Camera port for Mi A3 is officially available now. I have provided the link below.

But before proceeding with steps, let’s quickly see the difference between the Stock Camera Vs Google Camera on Mi A3.

Stock Camera Vs Google Camera On Mi A3

Xiaomi Mis back with a bang, Mi A3 is the cheapest phone with the Sony IMX 586 sensor. So, the fact that A series is known for its cameras Xiaomi has taken it very seriously by also adding an Ultra-wide camera. This is Xiaomi’s first phone under 20,000 rupees to come with an ultra-wide camera.

In broad daylight, surprisingly, the Stock Camera captures perfect images comparable to Google Camera shots. In fact, in some situations, I found the stock camera images to be better here. The shadows or the darker regions are brighter on the Stock Camera images.

The problem is the StocknCamera tends to overdo it sometimes as it tries to capture a high dynamic range scene and ends up smudging of the details. There is a massive loss of more information. Google Camera is the king when it comes to capturing the texture perfectly.

So, these are some areas where Google Camera comes out on top.


Google Camera App

The front portrait on Mi A3 comes out great with this google camera apk. As compared to the Stock Camera, the images with Google Camera have more Vibrance, Contrast, and Sharpness. You will be amazed after installing the apk on your Mi A3.

Features Of Google Camera Apk

Below I have listed the features of this Google Pixel 3 GCam:

HDR + Mode Panorama
Portrait Mode Photo Sphere
Motion Photos Lens Blur
Photos: HDR+, Selfie Flash, Front Camera, Zoom, Autofocus Night Sight Mode
Video: 30fps, 60fps, Video Stabilization, Autofocus Slow Motion
Google Lens AR Stickers

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Google Camera Port for Mi A3

There are many developers that ports Google Camera for various android devices like BSG, Arnova8G2, cstark. They are one of the known developers, and we are thankful to them. Sometimes you may see various features are not working that because of the unstable version of GCam.

So, I suggest you always to use the stable version of Google Camera Apk. Google has some high technologies that make such an excellent app with lots of advanced features. GCam image processing is impressive, and no stock camera can beat the GCam.

Before going with steps, let’s see what features will work and which feature will won’t work on this GCam Mod apk.

Working Not Working
Portrait Mode is working on Front as well as on Back. I have not detected any problems in this GCam mod yet. All features are working fine.
Panorama Mode
Slow-Mo Mode
Night Sight Mode

Google Camera for Mi A3

As I already said that Mi A3 supports Camera 2 API by default. So, you have to download the Google Camera for Mi A3 from the below link.


I will update the above link whenever we get the latest Google Camera Mod.

Once you download the apk. Just install it like a normal apk, and you are ready to use Google Camera on Mi A3. You can follow the below steps for detailed instruction.

Steps to Install Google Camera on MI A3

1.) Download the Google Camera app from the above link.

2.) Go to your Download folder and tap on the apk to install.

3.) If this is your first time installing an apk on your Mi A3, then you will get a popup to enable the “Unknown Source” option.

4.) After letting the “Unknown Source,” you can now install the Google Camera Apk.

5.) Install the Google Camera apk and tap Done.

6.) Open the app drawer, press, and hold the Google Camera App. Tap on (i) button.

7.) Now tap on Clear storage and Clear Cache.

8.) That’s it 🙂 Now you can enjoy Google Camera On Mi A3

Conclusion: So, in this article, we have covered everything related to Google Camera for Mi A3. For detailed instructions, I have attached the screenshot so that you can get a clear idea of steps. I hope this article helps you to Install Google Camera On Mi A3. If you are facing problems then do let us know in the comment section I will try to respond to your question as soon as possible.

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