Top 5 Best Features Of MIUI 11 | MIUI 11 Top Features

MIUI 11 Top Features

In this article, I will show you the Top 5 Best Features Of MIUI 11. Now, this is not the official confirmation that these features will be available on the MIUI 11 but we can expect these features to be there on this update.

MIUI 11 can be announced by the end of 2019. You will get this update on most of the Xiaomi devices.

Here are the List Of Eligible Devices Getting MIUI 11. You will get mind-blowing features on MIUI 11.

So, in this article, I have mentioned some of the expected features that will come along with MIUI 11.

As you know that MIUI is a very popular custom OS by Xiaomi. And not only the OS, but Xiaomi phones are also very much popular all over the world.

Xiaomi’s MIUI comes under one of the best and the most popular android skin available out there. As we have already seen the MIUI 10 which has stock android like an experience like the colors, icons give the feeling of stock Android experience.

Now on the other hand if we talk about the MIUI 11. It will be having some new features. Here I have discussed the Top 5 Best Features Of MIUI 11.

1.) System-Wide Dark Theme

As the name suggests that if you use a system-wide dark theme. Then your phone theme will be completely converted into a dark theme.

This feature will surely improve your phones battery performance. You must have experienced this thing that while using phones at night hurts the eye. But after enabling this feature you can easily use your phone without hurting your eye and it gives pleasing experience to eyes.

Mi 8 and Redmi Note 5 Pro has already got this feature in the beta update. And most probably we will get this feature on POCO F1 Soon.

2.) Auto Screenshot Management

Many times it happens to all of us that we take screenshots and share it but forgot to delete it. In this case, a lot of clutter getting stored.

Now, this feature will automatically delete the screenshot after some time period. You don’t have to manually delete the screenshot.

You might also see some editing features right after taking the screenshots.

3.) Status Bar Optimization

As you have seen Xiaomi has launched many phones with a notch display. Now the problem with the notch is that notifications are not clearly visible.

Also, the icons get hide beside the notch. Now to fix this issue there will be done some Optimization to the notification bar.

4.) Monochrome Ultra Power Saving Mode

This feature will be very much useful if it gets implemented with the MIUI 11.

If you have seen in the Samsung phones they also have Ultra Power Saving Mode. Same you will see on this update also.

Now what this feature does is once you enable the Ultra Power Saving Mode, your phone will completely convert into black and white and only. Call and SMS feature will work other features will be disabled.

You will get the option to choose which apps you want to use on Ultra Power Saving Mode. Battery life will be improved and we can use our phone for a long duration without charging.

5.) Refreshed Icons And Animations

You will get a native app drawer. So, that we don’t have to be dependent on the third party launchers. It’s a great feature and finally, we are getting native app drawer on MIUI 11.

Also, you might see amazing flat icon packs, Animations, transitions and more!

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